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Senaste foruminläggen
Tråd: Profile on Phuket
Skrivet: den 9 februari 2006 10:12:45
Hi everybody,

I just updated my Phuket story with updates for 2006. The update contains information on all the beaches on Phuket and many of the attractions you can find on the island.

The government of Phuket has just released a warning about foreigners driving on Phuket. The government considers it too dangerous for foreigners to drive on the island due to the high rate of accidents.
The rule is that if a foreigner is involved in an accident, he/she will have to pay for the costs of repair/death etc.

So be very careful when and if you drive. Remember if they use the horn it means "stay where you are"!


Tråd: kata
Skrivet: den 12 januari 2006 18:42:24

Jeg er Dansk, men jeg håber du kan forstå hvad jeg skriver til dig.

På Phuket er der mange ting at tage sig til, desuden er der mange steder at tage hen. Husk at hvis i lejer bil, skal i tjekke om der er fuld forsikring på! Grunden til dette er at i som udlændinge kommer til at betale, hvis der skulle ske et uheld.

På Phuket er der mange strande, Kata Noi, Patong (party strand), Kata (som i skal være påWink, Karon, Nai Han, Surin, Rawai. Derudover er der mange andre ting man kan foretage sig, såsom besøge templer, museer og et eller flere af de mange vandfald man har på øen.

Jeg vil også anbefale en tur til Phi Phi Island (mindre paradis uden biler, cykler og anden støjende trafik), samt en tur til Phang Nga, som er utrolig smuk.

Jeg har set det meste af Phuket og i kan evt se billeder på min hjemmeside (siden er under opdatering, men i kan altid se billeder)


Tråd: Visiting China?
Skrivet: den 12 januari 2006 18:20:35
Hi there,

Just wanted to give you some general advice on travelling in China.

Most people go to Shanghai (modern metropole) or Beijing (classical old style), but China has much more to offer than these 2 spots.

I live in Shanghai right now and this is a huge city with a lot of pollution due to 6.500 new cars every month. You see and get stuck in traffic jams every day and it might take you 2 hours to travel 35 km.

When you come to China there are many different regions to visit, some of them are very old (like 10th century) and the houses there are from that time as well. It's like going back in time!

So far I've been to Xinjiang (Urumuqi) and I can recommend that to people that want to see a very different side of China. Xinjiang is an Autonomous Region, which means it has its own government and it's not strictly ruled from Beijing.

Another beautiful spot is Hangzhou (south of Shanghai) a very famous place in China, where the old poets used to move when they grew old. this city has a lot of history and you can go for a boat trip on the famous West Lake.

If you plan to go to China, you're always welcome to mail me if you need help or you can check my website for travel information: (being re-designed in January 2006)

Very soon I'll be going to Wuxi, Suzhou and Nanjing so check out the section with the travellogues, I'll add information as soon as I'm back and I'll upload pictures as well.

Tråd: Be careful driving in China
Skrivet: den 12 januari 2006 18:02:54
Just wanted to give you some advice on driving in China.

Here in China the driving rules and the law are very different from back in Europe. Here a person from europe will either get stuck forever in traffic or have an accident within the first hour of driving!

It's way better to buy a packaged trip or use the taxi's, which are very cheap (2-3 RMB / km)

If you have an accident here in China, you're going to pay because you're a foreigner and that means you have the money to cover the damage. Even when you rent cars, you have a problem, as you can't get full coverage for accidents!

Renting cars here is very expensive (almost the same price as in Europe) except you can't rent them with free kilometres!

Tråd: Some tips to make your travel to Asia cheaper and safer
Skrivet: den 14 juli 2004 09:29:20
As you can see from my profile I've been traveling a lot, especially in Thailand. During my trips I've been testing on how to make a trip as cheap and as good as possible and I have the following tips for you:

1. Surf the internet to find a price for the flight ticket
Checking prices in Hong Kong isn't a bad idea as they
very often have very competitive prices.
2. Thai Airways and Singapore airlines are usually a little
more expensive, BUT the service and legspace is excellent
3. Surf the internet for a hotel.
Once you found a nice hotel, call them instead of booking
on the internet. This way you can save a lot of money.
Booking a hotel on Phuket, Thailand (Internet) 560,- Baht/day
Calling the exact same hotel and booked 3.950,- Baht/month
4. Dining in Asia can be very cheap or very expensive. In order
to eat cheap, just wait until 19.00 - 20.00 and follow the locals.
They know where the food is good and cheap. On my last trip to
Thailand I spent less than 50,- SEK (2 meals) a day on food!
5. If you plan on using the local taxi's - please check on the
Internet what the local taxi will look like. In Asia they have
many "Pirate" Taxi's
6. Try to awoid rooms with air-condition. Choose rooms with fans
Yes, I know that it can be hot, but it's far better for your health.
7. Try and study the do and don't of the country you've choosen
to visit. This might give you a lot of ideas on how to approach
people and will save you a lot of money!
8. Check where to find doctors and hospitals in the area you visit.
9. Make sure you have all the vaccinations needed

Other than that I would like to say: Have a very nice and relaxing trip!

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